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Cory, owner and founder of Amici Spa has now been a senior hairstylist for over 30 years. Constantly finding new and exciting ways to innovate hair, he pushes the limits of styling to a whole new level; always making you look and feel amazing. Constantly assuring your expectations are met, Cory reaches further and beyond what Amici Spa stands for. Serving loyal, devoted clients for over 25 years, Cory doesn’t show any sign of letting that relationship building lose its meaning.

“I love how I can come into work every morning and look forward to meeting someone new in my chair.   I strongly believe that relationships with my client’s are what make my business successful. As long as you can keep the momentum going, you can be in business for as long as you want.” – Cory



Andrew is Amici Spa’s co-owner and senior stylist.  For the past 10 years, he has been redefining the art of hair styling, skillfully integrating timeless sophistication with cutting-edge originality.  Andrew’s creative strength is in providing each and every client with an ideal style distinct to their character, their features and their lifestyle. In addition, Andrew has been on Rogers Television displaying the most popular & current trends in hair. He also continues to impart his wisdom and expertise as a Sudzz FX Salon Educator & Platform Artist.

“I love my work! There’s so much positive energy here [at Amici Spa] and I’m surrounded by extraordinary people.  My career is based on providing clients with the very best this industry has to offer.  That doesn’t seem like a challenge, though; it’s just how I get to spend my day.” –Andrew


mariana - SENIOR HAIR STYLIST & Laser Technician 

Mariana is the newest addition to the Amici Spa team. She began in the beauty industry at a very young age. Now with 30 years of experience, her father, being in the beauty industry was the founder of her passion. Constantly investing in her skills as a Cosmetologist, Mariana has kept herself involved with today's ever changing beauty trends.

With the industry running through her veins, her father knew she was a natural by watching her creativity come to life. Mariana is a skilled hairstylist, make-up artist, medical aesthetician & certified laser technician. She inquires the needs of every client & with great satisfaction, knows she can build self-confidence working on individual needs in every client she treats and serves. Acne, acne scarring, sun damage, and unwanted hair are some of the many treatments that Mariana can provide. Also having the knowledge and ability to keep the skin rejuvenated.

“I am very proud to be part of this amazing team who are talented co-workers at Amici Spa!! Really feeling like part of a family & team!” - Mariana


wendy - aesthetician

Wendy has been a certified Aesthetician for over 20 years. She began her career in a day spa setting, performing relaxing and pampering treatments for her clients. After 5 years, Wendy began offering full scale aesthetic services as a senior Aesthetician, specializing in facial treatments and makeup services with special attention preparing brides for their wedding day. As one of the newest member of the Amici Spa team, Wendy brings her passion and knowledge to each service she provides.


“ To me, aesthetics is about more than just beauty and looking good. It is about the state of well-being that I can give to someone through connection and calming touch, to help them to not only look their best, but to feel their best.”- Wendy



Gabriela entered the healing arts profession by focusing on working with others to help them enjoy life and living.  Gabriela has been a certified aesthetician for over 6 years. Upon graduating Aesthetics from Seneca College , CA, she continued her training in Microdermabrasion , Laser Hair Removal and Photo Facials at Brayen College ,CA . As a Certified Aesthetician at Amici Spa, Gabriela’s goal is to ensure complete client satisfaction, providing the most appropriate services for the right clients, and a total experience that leaves the client feeling relaxed and renewed.

“When I started my aesthetics practice, I had thought how wonderful it would be to help people feeling amazing inside and out, as well as looking their best. This led me to my interest in skin-care along with joining Amici Spa. Many of the simplest things bring an inner sense of well-being. Face brightening, clearing blemishes & over all facial care can bring confidence to a person.” – Gabriela



Tatiana, is one of our ambitious and knowledgable Aestheticians at Amici Spa. She can assist with a variety of different aestheitic services, while making you feel great about your results. She has been a Professional Aestheitican for 6 years and continues to better her knowledge in the industry. Tatiana is always ready to find a challenge in her day when it comes to satisfying her clients' needs such as their skin, nails, and body treatments.


"Being an Aethetican at Amici Spa is wonderful! I care for every single one of my clients needs when it comes to facials, manicures, pedicures, body treatments, etc. It's very important for me to give 100% client satifisfaction" - Tatiana


laura - aesthetician  

Laura started her career as a massage therapist in 2002.

In 2004-2005, she completed her aesthetic courses and specialized in body treatments, facials, waxing, threading,  manicures, pedicures, make-up,  brow and lash tinting etc.

When treating clients, Laura's number one priority is to enhance that relaxing and calming spa like experience. 


"I have wonderful relationships with my clients and I hope to make many new ones at Amici Spa." - Laura


gigi - registered massage therapist

Gigi is Amici Spa's Registered Massage Therapist. She joins the team bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to the art of healing through touch. With a background spanning over two decades, Gigi has cultivated expertise in various massage modalities aimed at promoting holistic well-being. From Swedish relaxation techniques to deep tissue and beyond, her approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring a personalized and transformative experience.


"I am thrilled to contribute my skills and passion to your spa’s mission of providing exceptional care and rejuvenation to every client who walks through the doors of Amici Spa." - Gigi

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moNA - micro blading technician  

Mona is our micro blading technician and the newest member of our team here at Amici Spa. With a steady hand as a jewelry metal-smith, an eye for detail as an interior architecture and the love for beauty as a woman, made her consider micro blading as a new career after immigrating to Canada.
Right from the beginning of her journey in beauty industry, she became a natural and as
pired a love for making women feel amazing and loving their eyebrows once again! While Mona was enjoying entering the  artist’s rank in Phi academy, she was diagnosed with breast cancer which postponed all the enjoyment to a later time.

"After a year of my surgery I took another course,  learning how to make someone feel complete again with a 3D areola tattoo, and of course my first canvas was my own. Now that I feel physically and emotionally healed, I look forward to preforming the same with many at Amici Spa." - Mona

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