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Welcome to Amici Spa


The word "Amici" is precisely what our Salon & Spa has been built on for the past 35 years of business.


Amici means "friends" in Italian and our relationships between our clients speaks for itself.


In December of 1987, Amici Hair Design & Skin Care opened its first location in Toronto. Since then, we have aspired to create an environment where clients become devoted/best friends. Today, Amici continues to pursue their ambition in a larger and more luxurious location in Markham where beauty meets friendship.


At Amici Spa, we take pride in delivering exceptional service for our new and returning loyal clients. Amici’s heritage ambiance allows us to focus our efforts on the quintessential image that is transformed by our professional perception and recommendations, which is depicted by our clients. Through our highly trained staff and leading salon quality products, Amici delivers its fundamental philosophies for beauty by striving for excellence in service. By providing each client with their own individual and personalized look that best suits their lifestyle needs, our clients are able to experience a relaxing utopia in our serene full service salon and spa.


Over 30 years of specialty salon & spa quality service has left us with the objective to pursue satisfaction with perfection. We are committed to further increase our level of customer service with each client in order to provide trendsetting styles that not only compliment our clients’ lifestyle, but also increase their self-esteem. By personally engaging with each client individually we are able to create an everlasting relationship, where beauty meets friendship.

- Receive a discount on all services, packages & products. 

- Immediate family only is included. 

- Discount applies to exciting promotions. 

- Receive a birthday discount.

- Membership is valid for one full year. 

Call 905-307-4141 for more information. 

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